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Ujjvala on the Radio!

Our own author, Ujjvala Bagal was on the air, reading her poetry on January 21, on the Savannah State University radio station 90.3 FM WHCJ. She holds her own alongside poets like Langston Hughes and Nikki Giovanni. Ujjvala reads four of her poems near the end of the program. The title of the program is "Poetry in the Air," and you can listen to the entire show by clicking here.

Red Silk Sari is here!

The culmination of more than thirty years of writing experience, and including poems which have been published in such outlets as Forkroads, Savannah Literary Journal, and Mobius: The Journal of Social Change, Ujjvala Rahn's Red Silk Sari is finally ready for you.

With a delicate hand and a keen eye, Ujjvala explores a wide range of issues in these poems. Sometimes painful, sometimes joyful, but always thoughtful, penetrating and intelligent, she faces the dualities of being a scientist and a poet; Indian and American; and a mother and a daughter, without fear. Here's a sample from the book:

Air India Poster of Mother Kali

I see this poster: an outside wall,
where someone had painted
crazed bare-fanged four-armed Kali,
not black like Kali, but red as blood,
dancing on Shiva’s prone body.

He is the intent, but she is the force,
who brings and relieves epidemics,
who whirls hurricanes —
Kali: the mother of reality.

Within the jungle green and black
pressing around the wall,
a small village woman peers at me.
Just the typical Indian,
the marketers had thought.

But in her faded green sari
across her crooked teeth
within her round black face,
her flabby young belly,
meek marriage red in
the parting of her hair,

I hear her hungry village mutter.
I hear her four children cry.
Kali’s follower watches me.

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Both Ujjvala and Joseph are working on more books. If you register with Mason-Dixon, you will be alerted when new offerings are available.


Red Silk Sari

Order a copy of our latest offering. These poems explore the complexities of being part of two cultures, Indian and American by looking at such universal experiences as childbirth, death, love, and joy.

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