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About Us

Red Silk Press is a full service publishing house offering traditional print products such as books and chapbooks as well as Internet and multi-media products such as downloadable prose and poetry and books on DVD.

Mission Statement: Our Mission is to publish high quality material which will both enrich the lives of our customers and meet the need for uplifting, informative, and intelligent prose and poetry in areas which are underserved by mainstream publishing houses.

Who We Are

Ujjvala Bagal-Rahn has published in Nexus, Savannah Literary Journal, Forkroads, in the anthology The Venomed Kiss, and in the e-journal Mobius: The Journal of Social Change. She has edited Chimaera, the undergraduate literary journal at Wright State University. She is a member of Zona Rosa, the writing group lead by Rosemary Daniell. As a practicing chemist, she is currently writing a nonfiction book, tentatively titled Devil's Water. It explores the environmental disaster in Bangladesh where arsenic contamination of drinking water is poisoning millions of people. Ujjvala lives in Savannah, Georgia with her husband, daughter, brother-in-law, and three cats.

Company Goals

  • Offer a variety of products to the public.
  • Publish products which promote the general welfare by informing, engaging and entertaining our customers in socially responsible and uplifting ways.
  • Meet pent up demand by publishing products that are neglected or overlooked by mainstream publishing houses.

Red Silk Sari

Order a copy of our first book of poetry. These poems explore the complexities of being, Indian and American in experiences such as childbirth, death, love, and joy.

Venusification and Other Stories

Click this link to read "The Old Spaceman," an award winning story included in the book.These provocative short stories will challenge you, taking you to exotic places and times


Our latest offering! This memoir by Avinash Bagal is a story of the South Asian immigration experience from the early 1960s up to the collapse of the World Trade Center. .