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Semi-Finalist, William Faulkner-William Wisdom Competition

August 13, 2013



My writing coach Rosemary Daniell let four of us know that we placed in the finals of the 2013 Wiilliam Faulkner-William Wisdom Creative Writing Competition. My entry, “Air India Poster of Mother Kali,”  was a semifinalist, among 64 chosen from 232 poems.

The competition is held annually by the Pirate’s Alley Faulkner Society, founded in honor of William Faulkner and dedicated to fostering excellence in current literature. In 2013, there were over 1300 entries in 7 categories.

The website goes into detail about the completion and the society, and you can find a link to the list of finalists.

Wow. I am still stunned!!

Savannah Asian Festival; consider submission to publications amd ezines

August 07, 2013

Ujjvala Rahn

A late blog! Well, the 2013 Savannah Asian Festival has come and gone. Mason-Dixon was the only book vendor there. We exhibited both our new poetry collection Red Silk Sari and our science fiction collection Venusification, as well as the Mason-Dixon website on our laptop. Next year we are considering a collaborative table for local Asian-American and Asian-themed books.

People came by to talk about their dreams to publish their books. They were surprised and grateful for my reply: they should also consider submitting to literary journals, ezines, magazines, and other periodicals. So should you. Here’s why -

1. Editors who don’t know you will actually read your work, which is not always the case with traditional book publishers, and certainly not with self-publishing.

2. If you get published, you will not have to pay anything! Publishers of periodicals do not charge you to publish your work. (You may even get paid!)

3. If you get published, you will have added to your marketing platform for the cost of some postage stamps, and only if they do not accept electronic submissions, which is becoming less likely with time.

How do you find out about these periodicals? There is a subject search on the web, but a better source would be references like the Writers Market and Poets Market, as well as magazines such as Writer’s Digest.

But I also like browsing in a library, in a chain store, or in a small bookstore. Read an issue or two. If you like what you read, and especially if you think your writing can fit, look around for submission guidelines.

That’s how I got published over the years.



Up and Running!

June 18, 2013

Our latest offering, Red Silk Sari, in a beautiful paperback edition is now up and running on our Products page! We had had some technical difficulties with the payment procedures, but those are all fixed. You can purchase your copy right now. Ujjvala will also be selling them at the 18th Savannah Asian Festival on June 22.

Here in Bowling Green, Ohio, there is an open mic every Thursday at the Happy Badger Restaurant. A few weeks ago, I took a copy of Ujjvala’s book with me and tried out some of the more intense poems on the crowd. They loved them, applauding loudly after several. Sometimes I felt a little awkward, reading such intense, personal poems on subjects like childbirth or integrating an Indian/American heritage. But, a good poem can transcend the abilities of the reader. These poems are excellent.

In case you were wondering, the gorgeous fabric pictured on the cover of Red Silk Sari is the very same sari about which the title poem is written. smile

Mason-Dixon at the 18th Savannah Asian Festival! June 22

June 14, 2013


The great draw at the Savannah Asian Festival are the beautiful performing arts. All the shows are free!

Here are some of the performing arts at the Savannah Asian Festival. (venue: Savannah Civic Center)

In between acts, come visit Ujjvala at the Mason-Dixon table, where our books Red SIlk Sari and Venusification  will be for sale.

image  image 

Mason-Dixon at the 18th Savannah Asian Festival! June 22

May 31, 2013

image Look for Ujjvala at the Mason-Dixon table, where copies of Red Silk Sari and Venusification will be for sale. The 18th Savannah Asian Festival is a free event at t the Savannah Civic Center on Saturday, June 22, from 11am - 5pm. It has become one of the largest Asian festivals in Georgia, with lovely performing arts at the stage, food from the different cultures, and of course the vendors and art. Isn’t the poster beautiful?

Here are the books:

Red Silk Sari - Accessible poems of India and America, the North and the South, parenthood and childhood, science and art. Here are poems such as another view of Cinderella, an explanation of how chemistry and poetry are alike, a tanka about a Tarot card, an argument between a sari and her owner.


Venusification - hard science fiction short stories and novella, a 21st century version of the Golden Age style



This year Armstrong Atlantic University is one on the sponsors. Here are some links:

Official Savannah Asian Festival site

Armstrong Atlantic State and Savannah Asian Festival

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Red Silk Sari

Order a copy of our latest offering. These poems explore the complexities of being, Indian and American in experiences such as childbirth, death, love, and joy.

Venusification and Other Stories

Click this link to read "The Old Spaceman," an award winning story included in the book.These provocative short stories will challenge you, taking you to exotic places and times