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Ujjvala’s Writing Goals for 2014

January 15, 2014

What are your writing goals?

In my corporate day job I will be setting my SMART goals for 2014. Writing goals are the means to keep writing, whether or not we are “inspired.”

What does SMART mean?
S – Specific
M- Measurable
A – Attainable
R- Reasonable

Max: 40 new poems, and 12 revisions (or some other combination totaling 52 by the end of the year.
Min: 25 new poems. 4 revisions                                                                
I am continuing to teach myself to write continually, so I focus on numbers rather than a perfect product.  IIf you think that you should learn to be more particular about your revisions. a goal could be to decide to revise a poem at least 15 times, which might force a poet to try different modes.  Because of work scheduling, this year I may not be able to rely on the daily poem production from NaPoWriMo in April.

100 submissions in 2014,and 50 will go to highly competitive literary journals, toward the final goal of 10 publications. I do think that getting publication credits is a numbers game, In four years, after submitting 112 poems to 46 venues, three of my poems have been either published or placed in competition.  However, I had intermittently submitted work in the past, so now I have eight poems out in the world.  Even though a successful poem is intended for an audience, we write for ourselves, not for publication. Publication is a resume for other opportunities in the writing world, such a grants, or for platform building toward a published collection of poetry.
Some of you may be aware of my continuing work on Devil’s Water, my nonfiction book about poisoning of drinking water in Bangladesh.  I am so stuck that I need to think more on my goal on this project. Another blog…..

Red Silk Sari at People Called Women bookstore in Toledo, Ohio!

December 15, 2013


Red Silk Sari is now on sale at the feminist bookstore People Called Women in Toledo, OH!

Do check out this locally owned, woman-owned shop, the only feminist bookstore in Toledo

Mason-Dixon Publishing - Poetry Blog: 8 signs of a good poem

December 06, 2013


This link to 8 signs of a good poem comes to us courtesy of my sister Zona Rosan Claudia Schlottman, herself a fine poet:

Here are two of her own blogs - her own poems - her internet diary on moving through the grief of losing her husband Clint. 

Red Silk Sari, Venusification on Amazon!

November 26, 2013


In addition to our website. we are now have the paperback version of Venusification and Red SIlk Sari on Amazon. If you have read these books, please feel free to leave comments there as well as email us. And - our deepest thanks to everyone who has already purchased Red Silk Sari and Venusification.  As writers, both Joe and I are humbled by your appreciation of our work.

As you will see, Amazon charges shipping, while we do not charge shipping to you from our own site. Whether you use Amazon (because, for instance, you are purchasing other gifts from that site) or come, Joe and I will be grateful for your patronage and will send the book out as soon as we get your request.

We hope to hear from you on November 30: National Small Business Saturday!

Red Silk Sari: Poems on Amazon

Venusification on Amazon

This Holiday Season, Give Mason-Dixon Books

November 22, 2013



Support November 30 is Small Business Saturday, in time for the holiday season. This year, give the gift of literature from Mason-Dixon Publishing.

Unlike corporate store chains, a small business can offer unique gift items. For instance, here in Savannah my husband Marty knows I’d love anything from Zia Boutique, a jewelry shop on Broughton Street. I will hint (not so subtly,  here in this blog!) that I yearn for a signed first edition of Natasha Tretheway’s Native Guard, which is behind glass at The BookLady. on Liberty Street.

Books are the appropriate, affordable gifts of literary art for Chanukah, Christmas. the winter solstice, and Kwanzaa.  Instead of a commercial offering at the local mall bookstore,  a more thoughtful gift would be a book from an independent press like Mason-Dixon Publishing. For literary science fiction, pick the collection Venusification. From the burgeoning field of Asian-American literature, get Red Silk Sari, poetry of the Indian-American experience.

Books are lovely for host/hostess gifts or company or club gift exchanges, But consider a Mason-Dixon Publishing book for a writer investigating independent presses.for her book, or for an aspiring book reviewer assembling a sample portfolio. 

Presentation ideas:

1. If you belong to a book club, why not get everyone a copy of Red Silk Sari or Venusification as the next reading selection?

2. Stuff a stocking with either Both Red Silk Sari or Venusification,

3. What about a book basket? Add either book to a basket with such great reading accompaniments as wine, chocolate, cookies, or a tin of cocoa, coffee, or tea.


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Red Silk Sari

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