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Red Silk Press Books and ASL Video

Below you'll find paperback books, Ebooks, and an ASL video available to purchase. The paperback books are delivered via US mail.

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Promiseland - paperback



by Avinash Bagal


A story of transformation, from a timid young Indian graduate student in 1959 New York, to a globe-trotting (now retired) American grandfather in the new millennium.


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3 copies for $35.00


Venusification - Paperback


Venusification and Other Stories

By Joseph DeMare

From deepest space to the wild plains of Montana, the unusual dilemmas faced by the characters in these stories explore what it means to be human. Featuring "The Old Spaceman," winner of the 2004 MARCON National Short Story Contest.

Available either as paperback or ebook - 100 Pages

Tax and shipping included.

Paperback $9.00    Ebook  $2.00

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3 copies paperback for $25.00



Red Silk Sari - Paperback


Red Silk Sari

by Ujjvala Bagal Rahn

Using the sights and sounds of everyday life, these poems bridge worlds: India and America, the North and the South, parenthood and childhood, science and art. In Red Silk Sari, daily language is transformed into poems such as a revision of a fairytale, an explanation of how chemistry and poetry are alike, a tanka about a Tarot card, and an argument between a sari and her owner:

Paperback or ebook  - 74 pages.

Paperback  $9.00   Ebook  $2.00

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3 copies paperback for $25.00


Red Silk Sari - ebook

E-Book in PDF format. Price: $4.00

Nine Horses Nearly Trampled Me or Poems to Forget Billy Collins By

Nine Horses Nearly Trampled Me

By Joseph DeMare


These poems are sometimes satirical, sometimes lyrical, and always entertaining. Written as a reaction to Billy Collins', Nine Horses (Random House Copyright 2003). Your e-book will be emailed to you within 48 hours.

E-Book in PDF Format - 78 Pages. Price: $2.00


Venusification - ebook

E-Book in PDF format. Price $6.00

Mt. Aetna Adventure

Mt. Aetna Adventures

Directed by Tony DeMare


The first of our "Adventures in ASL with Tony DeMare" series. These videos are made in ASL without a soundtrack especially for the Deaf and hard of hearing. The star of the series, Tony DeMare is a graduate of Gallaudet University and a world traveler. He has visited Russia, Netherlands, Italy and other countries. He has climbed mountains, rafted down white water rivers, and crossed deserts. In this first video, he explores Mt. Aetna, the active volcano that dominates the island of Sicily off the coast of Italy. Your video will be emailed to you within 48 hours.

17 Minutes. WMV Video. Price: $2.00