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Red Silk Sari, Venusification on Amazon!

November 26, 2013


In addition to our website. we are now have the paperback version of Venusification and Red SIlk Sari on Amazon. If you have read these books, please feel free to leave comments there as well as email us. And - our deepest thanks to everyone who has already purchased Red Silk Sari and Venusification.  As writers, both Joe and I are humbled by your appreciation of our work.

As you will see, Amazon charges shipping, while we do not charge shipping to you from our own site. Whether you use Amazon (because, for instance, you are purchasing other gifts from that site) or come, Joe and I will be grateful for your patronage and will send the book out as soon as we get your request.

We hope to hear from you on November 30: National Small Business Saturday!

Red Silk Sari: Poems on Amazon

Venusification on Amazon

This Holiday Season, Give Mason-Dixon Books

November 22, 2013



Support November 30 is Small Business Saturday, in time for the holiday season. This year, give the gift of literature from Mason-Dixon Publishing.

Unlike corporate store chains, a small business can offer unique gift items. For instance, here in Savannah my husband Marty knows I’d love anything from Zia Boutique, a jewelry shop on Broughton Street. I will hint (not so subtly,  here in this blog!) that I yearn for a signed first edition of Natasha Tretheway’s Native Guard, which is behind glass at The BookLady. on Liberty Street.

Books are the appropriate, affordable gifts of literary art for Chanukah, Christmas. the winter solstice, and Kwanzaa.  Instead of a commercial offering at the local mall bookstore,  a more thoughtful gift would be a book from an independent press like Mason-Dixon Publishing. For literary science fiction, pick the collection Venusification. From the burgeoning field of Asian-American literature, get Red Silk Sari, poetry of the Indian-American experience.

Books are lovely for host/hostess gifts or company or club gift exchanges, But consider a Mason-Dixon Publishing book for a writer investigating independent presses.for her book, or for an aspiring book reviewer assembling a sample portfolio. 

Presentation ideas:

1. If you belong to a book club, why not get everyone a copy of Red Silk Sari or Venusification as the next reading selection?

2. Stuff a stocking with either Both Red Silk Sari or Venusification,

3. What about a book basket? Add either book to a basket with such great reading accompaniments as wine, chocolate, cookies, or a tin of cocoa, coffee, or tea.


Inaugural Blog series; Science writing, Science Fiction, Poetry

November 14, 2013


Joe and I have gotten involved in the past few months in activities involving the interests which had initiated Mason-Dixon Publishing. Jore has been working in the Green Party for city council elections in Bowling Green, OH. I have attended book festivals as part of our marketing strategy for Red Silk Sari.

However, in addition to our usual Mason-Dixon news and general blogs, there will be a roughly rotating series on science writing, science fiction, and poetry. These are the main areas which Mason-Dixon Publishing champions, although we love to read all great writing! In the future, the topic will appear in the title

We begin this series with science writing. In this provocative column, the writers suggests several ways that the public can influence the course of science research, so that it is not wholly determined by government and business (Grant) money.

“How can nonscientists influence the course of scientific research” The Guardian, by Cath Ennis

Responses to this blog are encouraged, especially to counteract the cranky comments in The Guardian!

Decatur Book Festival; Contest Semifinalist

October 23, 2013


Whew! I DID NOT mean to be away for so long from this blog!

Decatur Book Festival

The Local Poets stage was quite a treat.  I got there an hour or so before my stage time to listen to some wonderful Atlanta poets, and I stayed for a couple of hours afterwards. As turns out, Atlanta has quite an active poetry scene.

The Decatur Book Festival itself certainly must have hit the expected turnout of 70,000 people, and I could see why. Stages of famous authors, an art exhibit, dance and music performances, and a huge book fair. There is an extensive independent author/publisher book tent, for which the author does not even have to be there. The festival volunteers handle it all.That table was a mix of both self-published and true independent press offerings.  This year a place in that tent was $180 per publisher, so while I missed it this year, I will be sure to send copies of Venusification and Red SIlk Sariill.

Semifinalist in William Wisdom-William Faulkner Creative Writing Competition 2013

My poem “Air India Poster of Mother Kali” was a semifinalist in the 2013 competition, which is also referred to as Words and Music. That was an honor indeed.

And here is my nugget of advice: The goal of writing a poem is not to publish it or win an award, but to write the poem the best way you can. After that,  all we can do is work consistently and regularly to get work out there, by reading our poems in a public forum, by entering contests, by submitting work to publications. I keep the submission process as simple as I can with a spreadsheet to track my submissions. Since 2010 I have submitted 111 poems in 49 venues. As for actual publications,some of my poems were published a couple of decades ago, but since 2009 I have had 3 publications, Iif you know of a more efficient way to promote your poetry , come share your experiences to this blog!

And how many new poems have I written?:Well, I am less sure of that, so I suppose I could track that better,  Since 2011, I count 66 poems, apparently 61 poems previously (that I can retrieve from faded notebooks). along with 38 haiku and 10 tanka. That is actually a slow rate, but I would rather take my time with each poem.

AJC Decatur Book Festival 2013 - Ujjvala on the Local Poets Stage

August 18, 2013



Saturday Aug 31, Local Poets Stage, 11:45

I’ll be reading from Red Silk Sari. Come by and see me! There will be 32 Georgia poets on the stage on Saturday, from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, each of us for 15 minutes a piece. The moderator Kodac Harrison will be on stage around noon. 

Unfortunately I will not have copies of Red Silk Sari on sale at the Emerging Writers Pavilion - missed the deadline!! - but if you like what you hear, please come chat with me after the reading and I’ll do what I can. I’m thinking of bringing some copies with me anyway, but there is always our website right on your mobile device, and Joe and I will turn your order right around. And with the Mason-Dixon Publishing website, you can get the e-copy if you prefer, as well as check out Joe’s science fiction collection Venusification, his poetry collection Nine Horses Nearly Trampled Me (a take-off on Billy Collins) and Tony Demare’s ASL travel video Mt. Aetna Adventure.

Of course I’ll listen to my fellow poets on stage. But this is my first time here at the largest independent book fair in the country and I intend to look over the book market, attend a few panels and readings, and check out the Experimental Writers Asylum, a writer’s event in conjunction with the AJC Decatur Book Festival.

The festival is sponsored by the Atlanta Journal Constitution. Now in its eighth year, the organizers expect over 70,000 visitors.

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Red Silk Sari

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